16 June 2021

Frank Visser: Where Are All These PCR ‘False Positives’ Anyways?

Corona update 16 Jun 2021

Frank Visser posted a blog about the so-called false positive problem of the PCR test: Where Are All These PCR ‘False Positives’ Anyways?

A False-Postive means that a test for SARS-COV-2 gives a positive signal whereas in reality there is no virus in the sample or it is a contamination. 

Visser debugs the various claims about the PCR test using logic and empirical data. Recommended!

This is not his first blog about the pandemic. He wrote an impressive series of blogs debugging all the nonsense about the virus and the pandemic and also wrote a book The Corona Conspiracy: Combatting Disinformation about the Coronavirus. Visser is a good example of a non-biologist who worked hard to master the details of the science behind the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. In contrast to the lazy critics.



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