01 March 2023

Close encounter Jupiter and Venus on 1st March 2023 The Netherlands photographed with SONY RX10-IV


Jupiter with 4 moons and Venus (cropped)
1st March 2023 ©G.Korthof

Jupiter with 4 moons (detail)
1st March 2023 ©G.Korthof

camera: SONY RX10-IV

Local time (Amsterdam): 19:45. Clear sky in West direction. 

camera settings: 

  • zoom 600 mm
  • exposure 1/6 sec. 
  • aperture f/4,0
  • ISO 12800
  • Manual Focus (MF)
  • Tripod
  • Self timer 10 sec delay 
  • underexposure: -2 stops
  • camera horizontal position (plane of moons is tilted) 
  • post-processing: GNU Image Manipulation (optimizing contrast).


The difficulty is that with the longer exposure times the moons will be visible, but the planet itself will be overexposed (blurred), but with shorter exposure times the moons will disappear. I have chosen to have the moons visible because they are the most interesting feature. Average image post-processing doesn't solve this problem easily.

I used the highest possible ISO setting. This will result in the shortest exposure times. The disadvantage is that the pictures are not razor sharp. I prefer the shortest possible exposure times, because the planets move.

See: Moons of jupiter (time table)

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