25 October 2022

Solar eclipse 25 Oct 2022

Solar eclipse 25 Oct 2022

video created with SONY RX10 IV max zoom 600mm
ISO speed rating 80 (that is very low!)
It was cloudy weather, but the clouds functioned as a 'sunscreen' to protect the camera and at the same time it created a beautiful effect!
original video on YouTube  ©Gert Korthof
Solar eclipse. ©GertKorthof


underexposure: -2 EV (-2 stops)

exposure time: 1/25600 sec (extremely short)

ISO speed: 80 (very low)

local time: 11:46 (Amsterdam time zone)

Please note that I did not use a solar filter (I don't have one). This could be dangerous for your camera! Thanks to the clouds I could take pictures without damaging the camera. I am going to investigate which solar filter I could use for the next solar eclipse!

geographic visibility of solar eclipse (NOS)
(not visible in North and South America)


Vorige zonsverduistering

Zonsverduistering 10 juni 2021 groot succes! Sony A580 met eclipsfilter in 55-300 mm lens 10 juni 2021

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